what's up:
  it's corona & christmas soon! who wanna buy some art for their beloved ones?
                    we produced a few photographic series in the last month....just contact us, if you are interested
                    (not all series are online yet...we work on it)

                    kabinett (2013-2016) – fine art prints in antique frames, Edition of 3 (100-650€)
                    rainbow wonder lab (2018/19) – c-prints, Edition of 5 (250-350€)
                    animalis prismatis (2019/20) – fine art prints in handpainted frames, Edition of 5 (250/400€)
                    zucht, geoengineering und ordnung (2020) – fine art prints, neon-paint, pvc, Edition of 3 (150-350€)

                     <zucht, geoengineering und ordnung, exhibition detail at gallery la døns 2020

coming up: rainbow wonder lab / himmelblau II, installation at westwerk, hamburg 1.4. -11.4. 2021
                     guest artist: felix "fx" schröder

                     whipe out, videoinstallation at collecting yourself – notitzen des sammelns, marstall ahrensburg 30.5. - 4.7. 2021

                      <whipe out, video still

                    our most recent projects: twitterstorm jäger, white out, zucht geoengineering und ordnung & animalis prismatis